Peggy E. Pate-Smith

A 365 day experiment with peace.  Each day of 2010  I made a conscious decision for peace and blogged about it. A blog of personal prayers for peace.

Reading 10,000 Books

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From the back cover:
Do you have a desire to travel overseas but feel like it is too expensive or too far out of your comfort zone?  Or have you been overseas and want to travel there again sometime?
Join the budget minded Smith family as they journey to distant places both physically and spiritually.  Vicariously walk with them as they reach out to God, one another and the many new friends they meet along the way.  Thaw out with hot tea and scones on drizzly Scottish days, breathe in the fragrant roses of France.  Listen as thousands of teenagers sing together.  Delight in the sight of puffins playing in the grass, keep step with giants in Ireland, and soar to new heights in London.  Be inspired by this engaging memoir to pack your bags and read your own 10,000 books!
"You should travel.  Traveling is like reading 10,000 books." -random woman I sat next to once
For more information about this book, a glimpse of the first few pages, and a few pictures from the trip you can go to


I have been collecting quotes since I was in the sixth grade.  In fact my daughter is named after the Roman philosopher, Seneca, because the first quote I ever collected was by Seneca, "I would so live my life as if I received my being only for the benefit of others."   As I have grown older I still appreciate that quote but I have also learned that if I believe God would have sent Jesus Christ just for me, then I shouldn't down grade my own thoughts or place in the universe. I should value my own contributions to the world.  Plus sometimes I can't find a quote that expresses my thoughts as well as something I have previously written, so now I give myself permission to quote myself.  When I do quote myself I use my initials (p.e.p.s.) I do this because it helps me distinguish between something I have just written and something I have written previously. 

Rough Draft

This is the title of a book I created from the rough draft and unedited version of my journal.  It mostly contains small thoughts and observations on life.  It was the hard copy version of blogging before blogging existed.  Here is a part of the introduction:  I'm opening my soul home to you.  I'm inviting you to walk around unescorted.  To eat out of my cupboards.  To pick through my leftovers.  To rifle through my underwear drawers, to see the way the light slants just perfectly through my kitchen windows, to read my books and draw with my crayons.  I'm inviting you to be a part of my world as I see it.  Be careful, tread gently, it is all I have.  Enjoy and luxuriate, it is not a palace, but it is truly my home and I hope that when you walk away that you will feel a bit different and that you will be glad you visited.  Life begets life.  Blessings. 

Peaceful Farm Montessori School

Currently working on a young adult novel about a fictional Montessori school and the lives of the students there.