Peggy E. Pate-Smith

"Reaching out for our dreams requires that first we slow down and take the time to dream them." -p.e.p.s.
"Everyone needs to be loved, especially the ones that least deserve it." -p.e.p.s.
"Art, like God, has the power to create, reflect, transform, guide, and inspire the world. It is the releasing of the soul into physical form."-p.e.p.s.
"Life is not about money or impressing other people. Life is about Life.  Really noticing and experiencing people, appreciating each moment just as it is, not trying to wish it something different." -p.e.p.s.
"A child is magic with a voice."-p.e.p.s.
"Never miss the opportunity to give a sincere compliment-it is the easiest way to make the world a brighter place." -p.e.p.s.
"Your smile is my sunshine, without it I am in darkness.  Shine for me!" -p.e.p.s.
"No matter where I go, there I AM."- p.e.p.s.
"Learning to cope with people that annoy you is the first step in learning how to truly love and cope with yourself."-p.e.p.s.
"Each moment is a teacher with a lesson for us to learn."-p.e.p.s.
"People say that I should be a writer.  It is a state of being, not a state of financial success."-p.e.p.s.
"Blessed is the man that when faced with tragedy sees it as a catalyst for growth, adding new dimension to his life."-p.e.p.s.
"Joy is an attitude about everyday events.  It unfolds like the wings of a common butterfly." p.e.p.s.
"I love the idea of being a thoughtshifter, of causing people to change their thoughts from what is normal in their lives to what is possible." -p.e.p.s.
"Older people are children with experience.  They work so hard all their lives then they have all this freedom and wisdom, and no one to listen to them." -p.e.p.s.
"I like the sensation of letting words play together like children in a park."-p.e.p.s.
"My only fear is that I lead such a rich interior life that my exterior life sometimes seems a shadow to the reality of my thoughts." -p.e.p.s.
"To light a candle in the middle of the day is to light the soul instead of the darkness."-p.e.p.s.
"Part of choosing to have a peaceful life has to do with letting go of things that cause unrest in our lives."-p.e.p.s.
"Just because someone doesn't love or appreciate us doesn't make us any less loveable or valuable."-p.e.p.s.
"If we truly have purposes in our lives than one of the deepest must be in figuring out how to deal with negative emotions and times."-p.e.p.s.  11-10-98
"It occurs to me that it is possible to eat an elephant, you only have to take it one bite at a time...this is especially true of white elephants that take up residence in your living room." -p.e.p.s.
"Writing gives a way for our imagination to become physical.  It offers the opportunity for us to connect with people and times that seem so unreachable and fragmented in our daily lives."-p.e.p.s.
"It is the random raindrops of thought that groove our souls and make us who we really are."-p.e.p.s.
"I try to perceive my life as not only a cup that is half full but half full of Dr. Pepper."-p.e.p.s.
"It is the fear of responsibility which causes more complications than the reality of responsibility." p.e.p.s. 2001
"Bad things happen so that goodness can shine through in people." -p.e.p.s.
"Sometimes for no explainable reason the earth seems to shift an almost imperceptible amount and things in our lives that always seemed difficult to understand or do are suddenly easy.  There is no explanation, it is simply a gift of grace from God."-p.e.p.s.